created and directed by Alex Tobey
HERE Arts Center, 2016

Costume Designer: Jamie Gross
Lighting Designer: Alex deNevers
Sound Designer: Maggie Burke
Cast: Nicolette Stephanie Templier, Roger Casey

"[Good Girl Gone Bad] explores her songs with a respect that I don't think is typically granted to the bad gal as a songwriter. "Love the Way You Lie" and "We Found Love" become both the exploration and defense for getting back together with Brown following the abuse. "American Oxygen" becomes her lament for a somewhat normal life. "Bitch Better Have My Money" becomes her anger and triumph. In between, there's a whole lot of fun numbers, including one where a beach ball gets tossed into the audience." -- VICE

"The chemistry between the two actors is excellent, and Alex Tobey’s directing is strong: both in the use of the space and in the character development as each progresses through passion, heartbreak and independence—at least for a while." -- Hi! Drama

"With the amount of gloss coating pop-music, it’s easy to forget that behind the marketing there is the warmth and the drama of a human story. We might forget that beneath the synths and autotune, which have sanded away the texture of the voice, there is a pulse of self expression worth finding." -- New York Theatre Review

Photos by Hunter Canning