by Sophocles
adapted by Ian Finley and Alex Tobey
directed by Alex Tobey
Burning Coal Theatre Company, 2017

Costume Design: Cassidy Nolde
Lighting Design: Matthew Adelson and Ainex Carmona
Properties Design: Yum Darling
Cast: Jonathan Able, Benjamin Apple, Chloe Apple, Ellie Barone, Mark Filiaci, George Jack, Jess Jones, Freyja Sindemark, Sean Wellington

WINNER: Top Ten Plays of 2017 -- Indy Week

"Employing compact dialogue and contemporary language, these three one-acts offer universal themes that easily reflect current headlines. [...] Director Alex Tobey’s brisk staging has a vibrant immediacy but also a timeless aura." -- News and Observer

"FOUR AND A HALF STARS [...] Exile, hubris, and autocracy are still on the march, 2,500 years after Sophocles first wrote three plays to solve them. It seems the lessons of classical tragedy will repeat indefinitely until they have been learned." -- Indy Week

"The Greeks is certainly an intriguing and intelligent adaptation with some affecting performances. I recommend it for literature nerds, fans of Greek tragedy, and those interested in site-specific theater." -- Triangle Arts and Entertainment

Photos by Mina von Feilitzsch and Alex Tobey