created and performed by Gloria Swansong
directed by Alex Tobey
The Brick Theater, 2018

Costume Designer: Jean-Luc Raimond
Lighting Designer: Cati Kalinoski
Props Designer: Jaymie Bellous
Stage Manager: Emily Fischer

I loved every minute of it. Gloria steps into Herculine's persona like putting on a pair of old slippers, and intertwines elements of her own story so seamlessly it's like watching a master tailor on a sewing machine. Contemporary music - from Judy Garland to Radiohead - also found its way into the story's plot. These exquisitely performed lip sync renditions were so convincing I had to blink my eyes several times to believe Gloria herself wasn't singing! Poetry, Shakespeare, a dancing wig, and audience participation worked their way on stage and, although claiming it was a "workshop" when fudging a line, the piece felt more thoughtful than most polished Off-Broadway performances I've seen this year.” - Cassiope Sydoriak

Photos by Katie Biese