by Rae Binstock
directed by Alex Tobey
Fresh Fruit Festival / The Wild Project, 2016

Costume Designer: Jamie Gross
Lighting Designer: Alex Mark
Sound Designer: Rob Silverman-Ascher
Projections Designer: Jiin Choi
Cast: Paul Albe, Gabrielle Beans, Betsey Brown, Waliek Crandall, Melissa Murray, Gregory Warren, Amber Williams

"With Alex Tobey’s clear direction and brilliant sound design by Rob Silverman-Ascher, Watch Me Burn leaves audiences wanting for more. My only regret is that this gem only runs for 3 performances! If we’re lucky, it won’t be the last we see of this unique play about the delicate balance between being strong and needing others." -- Front Row Center

"The show is most engaging because of the complex interactions among the characters: Alex Tobey's skill as a director is reflected not just in the balanced physical movements of the actors, but in the way scenes are not rushed--instead, played to allow the characters to experience and express a range of emotions." -- Hi! Drama

Photos by Mitchell Murdock